Weight loss after riding

This may have been answered before, so apologies if so.
I’ll also preface my questions with the usual ‘I’m new to TR’ intro, so here goes.

Two weeks down on TR SSV LV1 and I’ve noticed a trend with my body weight.
I’ve not really done any aerobically focused work, just a year of track sprint training and a history or weightlifting.

The morning after a bike session, my body weight takes a dive, but the following morning I rebound back up to where I usually am.
Body fat (appreciate scales are the best for measuring this) is quite high the day after, and drops back to regular numbers after 24hrs.

The most likely cause to me is glycogen depletion. I Carry a fair bit of muscle in my legs (not huge but they’re there lol) so could it be I depleting a load of glycogen (and associated water) and that’s reflected in the weigh in the next morning, and then after a further 24hrs I’ve had time to refill those stores? Or could it just be water alone?
The high body fat could be caused by scales not picking up the muscle correctly as they are flat and empty? I dont know.

I train in the evening and usually have 60g carbs on the bike via maltodextrin and sugar in a bottle, a shake after with another 50g and then dinner, roughly 60-80g.
For the day I’m between 380-420g carbs.

This is all new to me and weightlifting and sprinting never saw this happen so a little help on reasons and opportunities would be greatly appreciated


Most likely water loss.


:point_up:t4: Water loss means your BF as an overall appears higher, levels out over the next day as water/glycogen is onboarded.


Thought as much. I wouldnt say it was just water alone, more likely the water held onboard due to glycogen as i drink plenty through the day and around training and pee almost clear most of the time.

So is this an issue or should i not worry about it. I can take more carbs on during the ride but as most sessions at the moment are 60 mins with 1x 90 mins, i barely get through a single 600ml bottle.

Do i need more post ride carbs or is the fact that im back to normal on the morning of the next ride good enough?