Unexpected very high TSS on ramp test


I started using TR yesterday. I created a 3 months training plan in which I will be doing the 2 training blocks of SSB high volume.

I was using zwift before and I knew my FTP, but I have been 3 months without training and my FTP has decreased a lot, so I took my test ramp.

Test ramp was the first activity of the plan, and the expected TSS was less than 50 I think, and 25 minutes. However the test has lasted 50 minutes (I didn’t introduce an estimate FTP before the test, so the first 30 minutes were very easy).

The thing is that I have ended doing 287 TSS, I think that this is a lot. As consequence this week I will do a lot more TSS than expected. Can this affect my plan? Is it normal? I think that the TSS is a lot, is it possible that is not well calculated?


That TSS value is incorrect. Can you share your workout so we can take a look?

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well…the ramp probably crossed whatever the default FTP setting is at around the 14 minute mark? I’m not a ramp test expert but that sounds about correct. So if you went on for another 30 or 31 steps after that & TR calculated TSS based on a default FTP that’s probably why the TSS is so high.

Once your new FTP is set TSS will go back to a more meaningful number for all your new workouts. Shouldn’t be a problem.

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This is the activity:

It seems to me that 287 is very high. I had FTP 102 before the test, I don’t know where this FTP has taken from, I suppose that is the default FTP.

If TSS is calculated using FTP, this would explain this high number. However I thought that TSS was calculated using heart rate.

@onemanpeloton @Brennus


TSS = [(s x NP x IF) / (FTP x 3,600)] x 100

s - time
NP - Normalised Power
FTP - Functional Threshold Power

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@Brennus it was the FTP as you say. I have modified 102 and changed it to the FTP found on the test, and now TSS is 65, it is higher than expected, but this is a normal number now.

Thanks all for the help.

TSS is calculated using FTP. But the TSS is still incorrect and that is because the FTP is incorrect.

However, what’s strange here is that I’m sure that TR applies your new FTP retrospectively to your workout. So, for example, if your ramp test gives you a new FTP of 150w, when you analyse the workout, it says your FTP is 150w. But that isn’t the case here because your steps take you well clear of your newly assigned FTP.


yeah that makes sense, if you’ve manually changed your FTP AFTER the ramp test. Next time, you should choose to accept your new FTP at the end of the ramp test and your FTP will be updated manually.

At the end of the test, I was asked to accept the current FTP. I thought current was the new FTP found in the test, not the default one. My English has failed this time LOL.

Thanks all for the help.

287 is your new Maximum Aerobic Power (MAP)…TrainerRoad will calculate your ftp as 75% of that…sooooooo…215W FTP. Or something in that range. Does that sound about right?

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