Oddly High TSS - not sure why? A little worried

Hi there -

I am seeking some help as i have been getting a more and more worried by my TSS numbers.

This is NOT in ANY way meant to be bragging!

But i have grown increasingly concerned esp listneing to @chad discuss it on ep 46 of AACC.

My 6-wk avg is 820 - but from all i have learnt listening to hours of podcasts this seems WAY too high?

The thing is, i feel fine and my fitness seems to be improving …

• I am just finishing SSB mid vol.
• I take a day off per week.
• Do double rides on easy days
• And a long 4-5hr ride on sundays at a steady but manageable output (0.7-8 IF).

I am getting increasingly paranoid about injury or over training etc but my RHR and sleep etc are all better than ever and i feel good.

What could the high numbers be down to in anyone’s opinion?

my possible thoughts:

a) need to re assess FTP as might be set too low and thus giving invalid data
b) i come from running and find the type of non-impact training involved in cycling easier to handle ?
b) i can just seem to handle more? ( i am self-employed/single etc)

again please don’t misconstrue any of this as boasting …

part of me is ‘if it ain’t broke …’ etc
BUT i am getting disconcerted the more i learn about TSS and what others do …

thanks in advance to any replies!

Some people have no problem handing higher TSS load, its very individual and also dependent on the type of rides. With SSB you are doing easier sweet spot (versus harder intervals), so it sounds like you can handle the extra long ride on Sundays.

Regarding FTP reassess - I recently retested and went out on a long 4.5 hour ride (0.76 IF). TR had 298 TSS but Garmin was 70 points higher at 368 TSS because I forgot to update ftp (had 6% bump at end of SSB1 mid vol). So if you’ve had a nice increase at end of SSB then your actual TSS might be substantially lower on the longer rides.

No expert here but it is more than likely a FTP number that is set to low. Having said this you could be just a freak of nature and found your calling! :slight_smile:


thanks! really awesome input re SSB intensity … that’s good to hear and re- assuring.

I have trained too hard in my past (running) and so i hope i know those signs and i don’t feel them atm.

Interesting about your outside ride experience … the numbers def feel off to me.

really appreciate your feedback that it is individual and need to panic! :slight_smile:

hahah somewhat hoping its the later!!! :wink:

thank you

Stacking 800+ TSS like that weekly and not being phased is clear indication that your FTP is set lower than your actual capability.

I think the general consensus is that the most sustainable weekly TSS is ~700 and that’s already a hell of a lot on your plate to be doing week in and out for more than a handful of weeks at a time.

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ok great thank you … will finish up the plan and then re-asses.

i did Lamarck today and managed all 10mins well about 10w above FTP which could be a good indication of what you stated …

appreciate your help and outlining of those guidelines … thank you.

This is certainly my experience, but everyone is different. For me I can sustain high 600’s and low 700’s for the entire base phase but if I carry that in to build I begin to break down (current 6 week average TSS is 677 and I’m tired a lot but fine)

Part of the factor is what KIND of TSS you are accumulating. When I’m doing threshold and VO2 work I am much better off maintaining 600-650 as my 6 week rolling average. If you’re doing all traditional base and sweet spot work I can see legitimately sustaining 800/week for quite some time.

All that said - definitely re-test and make sure your FTP setting is fairly accurate

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This. Not all TSS is created equal.



“a)” !!! :rofl:

Gotta love coach Chad…straight and to the point!

thanks coach!!

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