Ramp Test TSS Query

Why is the TSS from a ramp test calculated based on your original FTP and not your new FTP?

Considering you have literally just proved, during the workout, that your FTP has changed, surely the most realistic TSS would be calculated using the new FTP value?

And what about the Last workout before the ramp test? Was it performed with the old ftp? Or with the new one? Or with something in between? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


The TSS result you’ll see from your Ramp Test and newly accepted FTP is based upon said new FTP value, as that’s the most accurate representation of your current fitness level. :v:


slightly related, but how hard would it be to implement an FTP ramp between tests to back calculate TSS? I already do this with own training log on intervals.icu

Can you expand upon this?

lets say you were at an ftp of 200, then went through a block and retested at 240. Your FTP didn’t magically jump to 240, it slowly increased between the block with training. While not likely perfectly linear, it is a good enough approximation. So say you change the FTP to 220 for the middle of the block to recalculate TSS, ATL, CTL, and TSB. This usually results in a slightly lower training load over time and slightly lower CTL/fitness by the second block.

Why bother? If you want to push the numbers just simply do the workouts by feel and up the percentage. If 90% feels too easy increase the intensity you will get higher TSS and CTL. These two are only values to roughly describe your training and should be looked in a wider context in my opinion.

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It has nothing to do with current workout levels, it has to do with tracking your yearly TSS/CTL loads as your FTP varies over seasons. You can’t objectively look back at training to determine how well it works without having but a micro and macro scale look at your training. In particular it is helpful to look at things like TSS ramp rate that Friel recommends, and this is dependant on an accurate FTP and frequent testing.

Thank you for your feedback! I’ll pass it along to the product team. :sunglasses:

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I do not think that micromanaging FTP is way to go, too much hassle and no reward other than numbers in line with some general suggestions. If you want to push harder, push harder. If the jump is really big, simply change the FTP value in settings if you want to micromanage. Of you can do proper long threshold workout every two weeks to test your FTP.

again I think you are misunderstanding. I’m not asking for a microadjustment in real time of FTP for pushing current workouts, this is for retrospective analysis of previous work, for recalculation of TSS and CTL

This seems like something they could fold into adaptive training too, since it will have some way of constantly updating your analyzed FTP.

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without getting into specifics other training software already does this as well

I think my confusion misunderstanding stemmed from looking at my ramp test ride file.
In that it shows my FTP as being the old FTP and if I change the FTP number used to the new FTP number then the TSS value changes. To me that suggested it was based on the old FTP number.

I’m guessing there is some technical wizardry and calculation hidden which means it isn’t quite that simple.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.