Unexpected training break: what exercises to do if I am indoors and don’t have access to a trainer?

I’m an expat living in Japan and because of a family emergency, I will have to fly to Germany later this month. My priorities are quite clear, so I know my primary focus is family, not training. However, training is very therapeutic for me, and getting some exercise in would be nice.

Long story, short, I won’t have access to an indoor trainer for roughly three weeks. I don’t plan on traveling with a bike, and because of quarantine restrictions (voluntary and/or mandatory) I can’t go outdoors for sports for at least some time. Should I just do some body weight exercises? Do you have any other ideas? How much should I do?

PS It looks like I’ll spend about three weeks in quarantine, but at least for two of them, I will have access to my trainer, yay!

Jump rope with body weight exercises works well.

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Just do whatever you are able to do and accept the fact that there will be a small amount of cycling fitness lost and be very okay with that. Plenty of 30-60min body weight series on YT or on fitness specific apps

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