Maintaining fitness during a 3-wk quarantine

I’m traveling to Hong Kong for work and have to go through a 3-wk hotel quarantine. Can’t do any bike stuff while being stuck in a hotel room. I expect to lose some fitness but would like to minimize it as much as possible. So what non-cycling stuff can I do in a 350 sqft room to maintain fitness (hopefully both aerobic and muscular)?

ufff… I’d start early with walking lunges, air squats, etc, now. That way you can at least do some of them every day when you arrive. Think about a half-hour or even 20 minutes of circuit training. As many reps as possible during “ON 30s” with 45s or 1min offs… You’ll have to change up the exercise(s) day to day, but that should create some physical stress…

No chance you can order a pair of rollers/trainer for inside the room? Doesn’t have to be the best, but anything to spend 45 minutes a day spinning.

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Focus on all that stuff we all neglect…band work on glutes, core, flexibility etc


Thought about rollers but sadly the only portable ones are out of stock and the hotel doesn’t allow any hard equipment in the room because it’s all wooden floor. So I’m thinking/seeking mostly off-bike exercises.

Any suggestion for aerobic exercises?

On/off circuits are what I would do. And I’d start the specific exercises now, so that I can do more when it becomes my only outlet. (get the DOMS now, rather than after you arrive). I used to do 45 seconds of air squats, 30 seconds rest, 45 seconds of an upper body exercise, or heavy-bag stuff continuing for at least 20 minutes… Obviously you can’t get a heavy bag into the hotel if you can’t get “hard equipment” in, but maybe bring some resistance bands with you for variety.

I would suggest jump rope, it’s great aerobic exercise.