Uber Pretzel Badge Event Saturday

I’ve currently signed up for the event at 9AM. I only have two badges left, this one and the PRL Full. It’s doubledraft with over 2800 attendees so seems like the best opportunity to do it in the least painful way. Was hoping to see some fellow TR users in the blob. I’m about halfway through level 49 so this could get me close to the ultimate max level milestone (at least until they raise the level cap).

If you are looking for someone to draft with look me up on zwift and send me a message.


I’ve done the Uber twice…once to get the badge and the second time to accompany some buddies on one of the 3R rides for awhile, but planned to bail early…and of course ended up doing the whole damn once I found myself out front by myself. :man_shrugging:

IMO, the Uber is harder than the PRL Full…climbs are longer and you have to finish on the Alpe (with no descent after). While the PRL is longer and has similar elevation, the climbs are “only” ~10 min long and you get a descent each time. The biggest challenge for PRL is that it is pretty boring doing the same loop 11 times.

I think BMTR is doing the PRL Full on Feb. 28 if you want to punch both badges this month…or maybe it was 3R. But one of them is definitely doing it.

Curious what your times were like for your attempts at it?

For those who have no idea what the OP is talking about (like me), the event is called “Zwift Insider Badge Hunters - The Uber Pretzel Edition” and the 9AM is EST (I went searching through the event list on Zwift to find the info :slightly_smiling_face:). It’s currently at over 3900 people signed up, wow!

As advertised on ZwiftInsider, they are predicting around 5 hours. I’m planning to kind of go at a comfortable pace, not wanting to dig a hole during build. I’ll probably keep it in endurance/low tempo. I have no interest in placement. Although I need about 2 hours of sweetspot to replace the workouts I have this weekend.


My first one I just did on my own and not part of an event, so I don’t know exactly, but IIRC, I was ~4:30, maybe a bit longer.

As noted, the second one was part of a 3R ride and I went out harder than I normally would have since I wasn’t planning on doing the whole thing…ended up with a pretty big gap so put my head down and kept going. Finished ~4:16.

Do the climbs at SS, coast on the downhills and cruise in the draft on the flats. You’ll probably end up w/ ~ 2 hours of SS (~35-40’ min for Epic KOM / Tower, ~ 1 hour for Alpe, ~ 10 min for Volcano, etc.)

what event is this? I don’t see it. (Not saying I’m doing it, as I would have to reactivate my account).

9 am what time? TR has me scheduled for a 4hr ride and idunwanna, but I could be persuaded.

EDIT: Found it, 9:00 am Eastern. Oof.

There is a link to the event page so you can sign up.

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gah, 6am… :scream:

So, 9AM is EST.

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The sooner you start, the sooner you finish :slight_smile:


I signed up, to save a spot, but high probability I won’t make it. :slight_smile: cold, dark, and tired from skiing this week. A long Z2 is needed though, to wake up the body and shake off the soreness, and get back on a plan the following week.

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This ride brought to you by the makers of Ow My Balls! - YouTube

I’m tempted though, tbh.


I was around 100th at the radio tower and was planning on joining a group coming from behind. But my apple tv and trainer disconnected over and over. I had to stop to connect devices a few times and when I couldn’t get the trainer to change resistance I gave up.
It was a very long time ago since I was looking forward to a zwift ride like this.
Off topic: Is this a Bluetooth or an apple thing? I never ever had any connectivity issues with ant+.

How did the rest of you do?

Bummer…but at least it happened early in the ride. I had my laptop die on my @85 miles into my first PRL Full attempt.

Can’t speak as to what the issue may have been…when I have used my AppleTV for Zwift it has always been very stable and reliable.

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Wow good luck to all who do these rides and earn the badges!! As much as I would like to get some of these achievements and prefer indoor training, my personal max limit is 3 to 4hrs. I would rather be outside any longer than that.

Super fast with the double draft and massive groups today. I went 3:45 which was in the top 50. “Fun”!

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4:24 for me. Struggled from the last island climb down into the jungle and during the first half of the Alpe. Although I felt like I had enough energy I downed almost half a bottle of mix and finished the upper half of the Alpe well. Glad it’s done, though.

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Wanted to take it easy, but pretty much turned into a smashfest from the off - 3h40m for me and focused on the CHO intake throughout.

Well done to all those who rode it - hoping for a PRL Full event next!


Just looked at Zpower and we were like 1min apart, had to have ridden together for most of it!

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By any chance, were you wearing red/black kit?

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