TR Meetup 90 Min Workout via Zwift 12/28 at 8am est

Created and sent the request to everyone that is on my Zwift FR for this upcoming Saturday 12/28 for 90 minutes.

We will be riding together and fire up your TR app to control the trainer/workout and the Zwift ain the background. I am riding Andrews but you can ride whatever you want or for how ever you want. Anyone else want in, send me a FR and I will invite you.

Edit: just a fyi make you don’t show up late as it wont let you join since zwift has not coded that yet.


I’m interested in trying this. I’m on zwift but haven’t tried running both TR and zwift together. How do you connect to both and have TR control the trainer?

I use 2 ant+ sticks. Pair TR as usual and then on Zwift pair all but the controllable trainer. You don’t need 2 ant+ sticks and can use ant+/Bt combo if you want. Just make sure the controllable trainer is not paired in Zwift.


I’ll give that a go thanks

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A good guide with multiple options.

Great. Just make sure you show up before the time as Zwift wont let you show up late via the meetup function.

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I’ll try using ant+ on my phone for TR and BT on my apple TV for zwift.


Sounds cool. What’s your Zwift handle so I can FR you?

Sounds great and awesome to have another join

Sounds great! I often do my TR workouts with Zwift for visual distraction. Eric, I sent you a FR.

Sounds good. Hope to see you on Sat.

Sent you a friend request @ericallenboyd. Not sure if the timings will work out for this side of the pond but always up for a ride if I can.

Not been let down by the Wahoo one so far. Although I also have the Suunto and it was much cheaper.

Ant+ dongle for a laptop?

I have two sticks like this style. Bought mine a while back so not the same brand.

USB ANT+ Stick Compatible with Garmin Forerunner 310XT 405 405CX 410 610 910 011-0…

@ericallenboyd sent you a fr. I will try and join at 13:00 UK time if i am free. I have Boarstone to do tomorrow.

Question from someone who’s not a Zwifter, just Zwift curious. If you guys meetup to start a ride together, but have differing W/Kg and each do different TR workouts how do you stay together on the Zwift roads?

If you do a meetup as per the screenshot above you will see the option to “keep everyone together”. Generally, scheduled group workouts on Zwift do the same. If we just met at a certain time on a route without the meetup option then w/kg would come into effect and each rider would need to self adjust to keep the group together.


That’s pretty cool. Have a good ride!

Cool. Sent back and added you. See you there

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