So close to getting all Zwift Route Badges

I only had the PRL Full left…and the ODZ boys were doing the route today. “Great, I can have some company and ride some wheels occasionally to get done faster!”

Was riding great, feeling good…85 niles in and my PC crashed ion me…was literally 22 miles from completing all the Route Badges and now I have to do the whole PRL Full again…but solo this time.



That is brutal. Absolutely brutal.


:scream: That sucks!

I feel your pain. I have slowly been chipping away at the routes. I think I have ~10 to go. I plan on finishing with the PRL Full. I keep skipping routes to ride outside or do Zwift group rides :smile:

If you’re not in a rush to get it done, keep an eye on Zwiftpower or Zwifthacks for events scheduled for the PRL Full route. Another option might be posting on the Zwift forum to find others for a Meetup. Many Zwifters here as well on TR, maybe some will chime in and you can get some company for parts if not all of the ride.


Check our ZwiftInsider and team DIRT. Both are setting up Meet Ups / group rides for the longer route badges. Not sure when the PRL Full is up but I’m definitely interested. I have that and the Uber Pretzel left, plus 25 laps of the volcano and 25 times up the Alpe left.


Will do, thanks. Uber is tough…ending on the Alpe is final nut-punch af the end of a long day. :rofl:

Did it today (solo and TT-bike). It is doable but I hate box hill now :wink:


Nice job…congrats!!!

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That’s my greatest fear when it comes to completing the longer routes.


Update - got it done today. Rode it solo and finished in 5:14…very happy with my power / pacing. Legs feel pretty good, all things considered!!!

All Zwift routes now complete!!!


My last two routes have been incompletes due to Zwift issues. Both were short routes (Lady Liberty - misrouted …go figure? and Highline: got nothing). I was kinda pissed about each of those. I can only imagine what would happen if something like a Zwift crash towards the end of PRL :rage:

Props for getting back at it so quickly and knocking it out :+1:


I didn’t know routes were a thing, until this thread. It seemed I quit Zwift before this was implemented, and getting back on now, it seems I’m quite behind the times. That’s a good thing, to see changes. I can’t say it’s significant though.

What do you get, besides a badge?

I did find some of the route lengths to be incorrect. I did a few short ones in London yesterday, to tick them off. 1.9mi, it said, but it didn’t complete until 3.0 miles.

A hearty handshake, a pat on the back and the warm glow of completing it. :rofl:

A lot of them have a “lead in” section, which is not represented in the mileage. Can be a bit annoying on some routes because you might budget a certain amount of time based on what is listed and it not be correct. But when you click on a route in the route list and you see the preview to the right, if there is a lead-in section, it will be in blue and it will then switch to white when the actual route starts. So at least there can be a heads-up that there is additional mileage.

But yeah, the simple answer is to just include the lead-in mileage with the route mileage. Not exactly rocket surgery. :wink:


You also get a healthy XP bonus for each badge - - the longer the route, the bigger the bonus.


Great point…Looks like I got 3460 XP for completing the route, plus 3240 XP during the ride (108 miles x 30 XP / mile). So 6700 total XP for the day.

I was kinda surprised that there was not some other bonus for completing all the routes. Seems that should be some kind of badge / achievement.


I can’t find the mileage needed, in absolute terms. :slight_smile: I was trying to squeeze some bits in, as a warmup, before an event, so I was definitely counting minutes, as I was guessing at the time required.

1 Like is a nice site for anyone trying to do all the routes, it has them all listed and you can check off which ones you do as you go by clicking the cup above the xp listed. I did PRL last Sunday too, fell off the ODZ group pretty quickly, but London was busy so it was a bit of a conga line. I got the century badge on that ride as well so it was a lot of xp that day.

That site also lists the amount of lead-in and extra elevation you have to do to get the badge. I learned pretty quickly that you just have to keep riding sometimes to get the badges… especially the short routes; Volcano CCW has more lead-in than route, same with London Classique. Jungle sucks for that too but the worst is Highline in NYC, it’s got ~10km extra depending on where the game spawns the player. It’s dumb and annoying.


The Lutscher route is also terribly under reported in the Zwift list–there’s an extra 10.9km on a 13.7km route and it also doubles the elevation from 401m to 828m.


There seem to be a few routes with bugs too… I’ve done one on Watopia that didn’t complete when I finished AdZ, Quatch Quest maybe?

I only have PRL and one other on London, then a handful of longer Watopia routes left, but working on finishing the Tron bike first… 5400m to go.

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OMG…yes, THIS!! You need to allocate liken an extra half-hour or more vs. what the stated mileage may indicate. I had to bail on it my first time because I didn’t have enough time to complete it vs. what I had planned.

Do a couple of the longer Watopia routes and you’ll knock out the 5400m pretty quickly.

Go get it…a great feeling when you finally unlock it!