Successful test - TR Workout via Zwift meetup function

@JoeX @anon20047708 We had a successful TR workout with zwift in the back ground. We did half of boarstone due to time constraints but any workout will work.

Moving forward probably will be doing the same on Saturdays around 10am est to make it more accessible to more time zones.


Very cool. I may have to try and hop in with you sometime too. :smiley:

Sent a FR to Eric. I couldn’t figure the other guys out for FRs. I am Chad had McNeese /TR/ on there right now.


The more the merrier. Cool thing is no matter what workout you are doing you stay together in the group. Will set one up for next Saturday to get a bigger group hopefully.


I’m Hugo Koblet, the Pedaleur de Charme, on Zwift at the moment, but I change it according to my whims.


I see like 20 of those names, all identical without the long suffix.

Got the notification and friended in return.

This should be fun ;D

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I’m Joe X, only one if me so far :sunglasses:

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Gotcha setup. :smiley:

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The platform was totally easy, I don’t think it even matters what TR workout you’re doing - I had loaded Beech by mistake instead of Boarstone, plus my power output is flaky - it just holds everyone together but not rigidly.

The problem is going to be timing, those of us who conference call or Skype internationally will be familiar with this. If it takes off we’ll probably need two weekend meet-ups to accommodate.


The workout can be different. I just set the time duration and meeting time. I just need to do the meetup and invite everyone in my FR list. Trick is they need to be connected to send them the invite for the meetup. Below is my Zwift name. You stay in the group regardless of wattage/workout as long as you are pedaling

Edit. Thinking 10-11am est start time might work best for “most” people availability wise. Still enough time on the west coast of the US and in London 5 hours ahead which is still reasonable.

This is not Tr sponsored jist something to ride the TR workouts as a virtual group as long as you have a TR and Zwift sub. And for runners we can also do runs as well.

@mcneese.chad this would have worked well with Disaster depending on the version.


We actually talked about it for D. But the wide range of times lead to questions on the actual use, so we skipped it.

Might try it nex year and set a couple of them throughout the day to cover the range of times.

We can learn a bunch by testing this now on the small scale. I’ve only taken part in one so far, so I need to play with it to learn how it works.


One problem right now is if you are late to the start you cannot join but i am sure zwift will update that at some point.


The best way to use zwift. What time zone do you guys play in?

10am est. got it

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I am est and Joe is gmt. @iamholland you?

Pacific. I’m off the bike though, hernia repair. I tried to get on a couple of times but had pain after, and may have hurt myself by trying.


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Ugh. Sounds painful for sure. When you do get back on the 9-11 est window seems to work for you then.

Sent me a zwift fr and I will add you just on case you can join next Sat.

From the where in the world thread, probably two starting 06:00 in PST and GMT would provide the most coverage. No reason we couldn’t do several focussed on local times though if there’s the uptake.

That would work for me.

Interesting idea - I am in Pacific time zone and tend to do early morning workouts before family demands kick in. This means 6:15 to 6:30am PST workouts on the weekend.

Potentially, if there is enough interest I could look at hosting a “group meetup” Zwift ride on Wed mornings at around 5:30am to 6am PST. Typically this is an long Z2 endurance workout for me. Having company as I put in 2 hours on the trainer is always welcome :slight_smile:.

You can find me on Zwift by searching brianv17.