Zwift nationals

Anyone thinking of doing this tomorrow? I’m prob going to jump on the US one at 11am EST. My TR ride would have been 90min z2 to wrap up recovery week for SSB2 HV but figured since Monday is an off day and my TSB is near zero or positive, I can manage to get in some effort. Am hoping to keep myself to 3.8 but won’t complain if I can maintain 4w/kg with some ease. Want to go into sustained power build as fresh as possible, so don’t want to go to deep on something I obviously have so chance of winning lol

It seems like there are a good deal of dual users here. I wonder if we could put together a TrainerRoad team to race and dominate on Zwift races :grin:


Maybe a TR group ride is in order…


I’ll be doing the Canadian race, but it will be after I do a long run consisting of the Watopia Half Marathon so I should be good and tired once both events are done. :joy:

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I might tune into the Canadian Nationals just to see if I know anyone racing there. I might lose my e-sport viewing virginity! :cold_sweat:

Just finished, 1hr 23mins, finished in the 250’s or so with a good group. Didn’t quite get the power I was looking for, got 3.74w/kg but really wanted 3.8 or above, but it was close! My HR is so much higher on zwift races vs. TR, the adrenaline and whatnot really gets me. Had a 10min power of 285, 20min 273, and 60min at 263 so all in all not bad, didn’t fully empty the tank so it’s good I have some more in me!


Nice. I came in at 1:28. Took 3rd and 9th on two of the four intermediate sprints.


I did the UK race. Finished 79th in 1.19.30. Made the lead group from the start but couldn’t live with the pace over the reverse KOM. Ended up in the chase group, but I had too many kg to get up the hills fast enough. All time power PB from the start until the top of the reverse KOM. Had a goal of top 100 so I’ll take 79th place. Looks like the US race has been the fastest so far, followed by the UK race.


although it means squat because I know he probably wasn’t trying toward the end, I finished ahead of local CX legend Adam Myerson, and hung in his group a while. I think I definitely started to slack off past the 60min mark, mainly because I didn’t want to be the one pulling the group lol

One thing that is clear is I’m definitely all sweet spot and not much else right now! Good thing I start build this week!

unfortunately found one major miscalibrator, I feel bad because I gave him kudos for having the same last name (wish I could take it back lol), but one of these things is not like the other

Be interesting to see how he gets on once he’s reclassified as a B rider following todays performance!

Adam is also well known for his very pedestrian FTP which he makes up for with massive amount of bike skill

I think he is just over 4w/kg if I am remembering correctly.

true, but he said he was doing 3x30min today, so it makes sense why he dropped back. being a local, I get to see him in action live, he’s pretty awesome, I’m hoping to go to his clinic this summer so I can get slightly better at the CX thing!

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I wish I had half the skill he has.

I think last I saw he was 4.5-7, something like that. Good but not remarkable. Crazy short power and the aforementioned skills though.

Being a fairly tall, thin guy is far from ideal on zwift.