Two workouts in one ride

I’ve found a few posts on here by people who also complete multiple outdoor workouts in one ride and are searching for a solution to sync those with the TrainerRoad workouts.

I’ve come to the point where I really like to do endurance work directly after a harder workout (saves me headaches in time management - less days on the bike and the „slow“ workouts aren’t as boring anymore).

Often times the endurance workout gets synced and the vo2 one doesn’t. I can change it, but it’s a bit annoying that even after changing the workout is marked as endurance.

And even more annoying that I now have to manually mark my endurance workout as done wich disturbed the tss count for the week.

And even though I can feel that I’m progressing in my endurance work quite nicely AI detection doesn’t register that, so I’ve been ignoring the recommended down adjustments for future endurance workouts.

Are there others with the same problem and how could we give Trainer road feedback?

If for some reason I do two back to back wo’s outside I’ll just restart the garmin for the second one; no real problem and two activities will associate in TR. On the strava side I upload everything as private initially and may decide to use and combine them into one file for public consumption. I don’t really see the problem :neutral_face: