New to Trainerroad - how to integrate outdoor cycling


I am new to trainerroad after having been a road cyclist for 30 + years. I am looking to get faster and stronger and am targeting future centuries and Grand Fondo’s. In the past my strategy was to progressively do more mileage with more hills.

I have been following the TR Training plan for a couple of weeks but am unsure what role longer outdoor rides play in the suggested training plan. Also I am unsure how the data from those rides gets uploaded into Trainerroad? I set up the “synch” between Wahoo fitness and TR but have yet to see any actual outdoor rides show up in the TR app. Finally does the data from the outdoor rides impact the model’s recommendations for training?



Not sure on Wahoo, but Strava rides sync over to TR pretty quickly. While the data is added to your weekly TSS score it does not affect or alter your training plan directly.
I generally get my good structured rides in during the week and have the weekend set aside for long outdoor rides or mtb. Get the real work done so you can play or race on the weekend. I still focus on the intent of my weekend rides. If they are supposed to be SS, then I try to adhere to SS. If it’s a race simulation, I hit it pretty hard. On the other hand, I also change things up to focus on my goals for the season. This year I’m still hoping to do the 150 mile gravel race “The Epic”. In light of that I’ve done some 80-125 mile weekend rides to test pacing, nutrition, etc.

The sync for Wahoo is for the outdoor workouts. TR doesn’t pull in rides directly from Wahoo. You can sync Wahoo to Strava and then Strava to TR. Other option is do sync manually by importing FIT file into TR or use Dropbox (not familiar with that one so don’t know the details).

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  1. Outdoor rides getting to TrainerRoad:
    You need to connect TrainerRoad to another service like TrainingPeaks or Strava or manually import the data file after each completed ride/workout done on the wahoo directly to TrainerRoad.

  2. How do outdoor rides/workouts impact prescribed workouts?

They don’t directly impact the training prescribed but should be used in consideration with the volume of plan being followed. Many people do a low volume plan and add long outdoor rides on the other days. Others do a mid volume and do the 5 workouts Mon-Fri and have the workouts for long outdoor rides.

If you have a ride that you frequent you can pre-add it to the calendar with TSS Estimation so you have an idea where you will be trending in the future.

  1. Weekly Tips
    If you are following a plan their are weekly tips which tell you the focus of the week and any substitutions for weekend rides. If you are looking to do long outdoor rides pushing the outdoor equivalents to your wahoo are a great way to be outside and still get structure
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