Strava sync and missing workouts

I have two sort of related issues. First I typically have TrainerRoad running at the same time as Zwift. Sometimes after a workout I’ll continue to ride afterwards in Zwift (the app staying open the whole time). However it doesn’t look like that extra time makes it to TrainerRoad through Strava. I thought in the past it seemed like TR was able to detect it was the same ride and merge the power data, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

The second thing is that on the previous ramp tests I have done I usually do a Zwift ride afterwards and that syncs to Strava, but inside of TR I never see that second ride.

In summary it seems like, if I do a workout and keep going after it is finished, I never get that extra data in TR, and if I do a whole separate ride right after a TR workout, that ride doesn’t show up in TR at all. It would be helpful to see all this information to keep up with all efforts done. Thanks!

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