Indoor workout shows as skipped when doing an outdoor workout

I’ve been doing most of my riding outdoors. In calendar I’ve changed scheduled indoor workouts to outdoor and pushed them to my Garmin. The outdoor workout comes back into calendar with the same name as the indoor workout, but the indoor workout stays on the calendar and on the next day it shows as skipped. I can manually delete the indoor workout so only the complete outdoor workout remains, but I’m curious why the indoor workout remains on the calendar after it has been completed outdoors. Is there a setting I’m missing on this?

Once done, click workout again and there is checkbox to mark it completed:
Outside rides are even associated with original workout (at least those synced from Strava, haven’t checked others). I usually rename workouts in Strava as “TR workout name / Course” so it is easily distinguished in TR calendar view.

Hmmm. I did that, and now the TSS from both the outdoor and indoor workout are added to the weekly totals – even though only did the outside workout.

On naming, TR is synching with Garmin Connect for me, and it does pull in the workout named correctly. Also shows all the intervals etc as pushed to the Garmin.

Ah, just played with it, and when I associate the outdoor version of the workout with the same named version in TR the planned indoor version goes off the calendar.

Seems like an extra step is necessary here, where logic seems if I have a planned indoor workout, push it to my Garmin as an outdoor workout, complete it as planned and it is synched back to calendar that TR would recognize it’s the planned worked at only shows that one – vs me having to manually associate my outdoor workout with the planned indoor workout.

Maybe there’s a step on the front end I"m missing?