Two weeks to next long event

So my current plan is at the end of a ‘build’ phase, I guess this week would be a ‘taper’ week and next Tuesday a new FTP test and a new phase.
All nice and good, except I have a multi-day gravel thing planned, where I expect doing lots of volume, lots of climbing, not much sprinting.
So with the current approach the gravel event would fit in nicely as part of the ‘build’ phase towards something else.
However, I do not have ‘something else’ planned and frankly I don’t expect any major events later this year.
SO ideally I’d be in peak form for the days around the 15th Aug.
So I’m thinking of skipping the taper this week and just doing doing a regular week of hard/easy/hard/rest + long weekend rides and maybe a slightly reduced volume the weekdays before the 15th.
As the gravel event is not going to be ‘race pace’ I don’t think I need to taper for it.
According to the numbers, my fatigue is high, my fitness is medium so not sure what’s best, given the short timeframe…