New A Race Date

Hi all,

Le Etape Du Tour has now been confirmed as 09 Sept after being postponed from July due to COVID. I would like to be at peak fitness for this event.

My current plan trajectory would have me finishing build the week before so the week preceding the event would be the usual low intensity whorl, andrews, beech type workouts.

Do you think this one week of low intensity is sufficient taper for an all day Grand Fondo type event On the Sunday or should I think about changing up my plan more drastically?

Thanks guys for your thoughts.

Sorry for the bump!

Do you think one week of low intensity after general build is adequate taper before a long 7, 8, 9 hour grand fondo event, which would be my A race?

That’s suitable taper. are you on MV or HV. if HV just cut out couple of the long low intensity rides and only do 4 rides. Fuel well, get a massage planned for after the event great for recovery.
Have fun