Need to completely reorganise my schedule for an event next week - which workouts to taper with?

So, woohoo, where I live in Europe, some little things are being allowed and I’ve signed up for an amateur 114km race next Saturday.
It’s near, it’s fairly flat (so favours me being on the heavier side) and the distance is very manageable for me (if I can hold my horses).
After two weeks this is followed by a gravel kind of thing where I hope to be riding in the mountains every day for 3-4 days - not sure how we’ll structure it, probably around the weather.
So I think the current training regime goes out of the window completely.
First things first, I think the coming 6 days should be ‘taper’ and not sure I fully grasp the concept.
I’m thinking one last harder workout tomorrow ( 5 days to recover) maybe so sprints or short vo2 bursts in Tuesday and short ‘maintenance’ <Z2 rides on Weds and Thursday.
I’m not a pro and I don’t think ‘openers’ will be useful to me.
Is that a good plan or too much for a ‘taper’ week?
What specific, short, but intense workouts do you recommend so I properly taper off the load but keep the fitness for Aug 1 ?
After that I’m thinking of starting off with KOLIE MOORE protocol to accurately gauge my FTP (I think it’s set incorrectly, based on the ramp test now) and just start another build phase, which is something in my calendar anyway…

Look at the last week of the Specialty plans for a proper taper week. Choose the Specialty that most closely represents your race profile.

Generally a taper week has the same type/amount of intensity but with less volume.

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To look at that, do I need to ‘destroy’ my current plan? I don’t mind that, but I jut wonder what’s a proper way to do a preview?
What does same amount of intensity but with less volume mean? On Tuesday I have Spencer+2:
6x 3 minutes at 120%FTP with 4 minutes recovery between each. - how would I do it on a taper week?