Long Hilly ride in between training sessions

So Ive been riding for miles and exploring for a long time, Ive recently wanted to add more structure and Ive started with TR.

Got a mid volume programme scheduled which I thought fitted - it fits with what I would normally do hours wise outside, but Im also filling in days by being on the bike (in 2s) with friends.

So yesterday I hit pretty tough 45 miles in the peaks (not in the plan), today my plan would be to complete mount field which is about an hour, followed by two more days of scheduled sessions Sat / Sunday.

  1. Have I over scheduled myself, if Im gonna still ride with friends? I think maybe?
  2. Today feels like it should be a TAKU recovery day not the start of a 3 day schedule?

I think I have to account for a group ride that isnt structured and back the training volume off to account for that?

I think the answer is obvious. Go low volume, do two days per week of intervals, and do the rest of your rides outside. Or, stay mid-volume and sub out selected rides for the outdoor rides. It probably works out about the same.

You have to have rest and/or have easy rides planned around the structured workouts or you’ll just burn out in short order.


Take a day off and nail the weekend.

I live in a hilly area and unless I soft pedal all the hills, an easy 40 miles is really hard.

Makes sense,

i think its keep the hours but do a couple structured and couple in the hills, maybe adding pieces to the outdoor stuff, , if I programme it at low volume it will assume Im not riding the other 2 sessions, and Im not sure what that we do to the recommended workouts? So I think i stay mid, and sub out with a bit of thought the sessions that feel appropriate… Thanks again.

Yeah Im not gonna drop my outdoor stuff so I need to schedule to supplement not to replace i think. Thanks again.

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Think about it like using TR for a progression of intensity of 2-3 days per week. Sub out the endurance rides for your rides outside. Try and keep your outside rides in the endurance zone. If your outside rides are hammer fests then you need to think about swapping out interval workouts. But then you aren’t following the TR progression so you have to find a balance.

Doing a block of structured training is often at odds with riding with your friends, hammer up every hill, and trying to drop each other.

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