Two “A” events in a year, or one

Hi my friends,

Forgive me if this is already discussed, but I am trying to decide whether I should attempt two fitness peaks, one in March, the other in September- or, to only have 1 peak in September.

I currently have the 2 A events in plan builder, and have completed the base & build already, and about to start specialty- however, I am considering switching the first A to a B.

I’m wondering if the extra base & build all year long will raise my FTP that much more for September.

I am on the Crit plan if that helps.

Thanks everyone! Happy to provide any other details if needed to help advise me

Plenty of time between those two events to have them both listed as “A” races…go for it.


plenty of time…do it! I just heard i think on the pod that 6 weeks is the bear min. but i’ve broken that rule.

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two A’s, let it rip!!! ps, which crits you focusing on? #Tulsa reg was a mess yesterday!

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Generally you wouldn’t want two A’s within like 2 or so months of eachother if you really want to peak. So with 6 months you’ll definitely be good. If anything, having that first A event will give you something to shoot for in the shorter term, then give you a small reset and the ability to learn from any mistakes either tapering for or during it that you can change for the second.

Awesome. Thanks everyone.

@brendanhousler Tour of St Louis, and then Gateway Cup. With plenty of B races in between. I generally skip Tulsa because it’s just too big… plus the heat absolutely kills me