Training Plan for Once Key Event is Over

Hi everyone. I’m sure this has been covered before, but I’m not sure what to search for, so apologies for any redundancies.

I set up my training plan in January for a key event in June. I’ve stuck diligently to the plan and will hopefully perform well at the event.

I’m now wondering what happens after the event. My next key event is in September. Should I just start a new plan for the September event (going back into base/build) or spend a couple of months enjoying my peak fitness?

In the future, I’ll set up a plan for a year, ending in December to give myself a “rest month”, but I didn’t think this through when setting up this years plan.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Plan Builder will cope with additional events, particularly as it’s a three month gap between then. Just edit the plan and add in the event.


I think it depends on the importance of your event. If your event in September is very important to you, I’d still continue a plan to get there. However, if this event isn’t too important, I’d just enjoy your fitness and do unstructured rides until then. Could help with mental burnout.

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I would also consider after your main event in September just doing a few ‘train now’ suggestions a week if you think less structure for a while would be good for you. I think this really depends on how much structure you want from October through to your next event the following year.

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Great suggestions, thanks!

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