Switching Training Plans

I’ve been doing a Mid-Volume training plan with a targeted A event set. I’m about to enter the Specialty Phase as I’m approaching my event, however I am no longer able to ride in that event.

I’m thinking about ending my current plan and restarting a new plan since I won’t be training for any events. i.e. skipping the Specialty Phase and just going back to a SSB base plan.

Or should I just stick it out and finish this, then start over after

I don’t have any other events, so really just focused on building FTP.

  1. Stick to the plan.
  2. Ride your bike around that date, when the event was originally supposed to be.
  3. Feel awesome.
  4. ???
  5. Profit.

Hey there @jra5588,

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Good question here! I agree with @mirlord. You’ve made it this far and your Specialty phase starts in one week. If you’re looking to build fitness, I’d recommend completing that phase and then starting a new plan. It could be nice to schedule a long ride in place of your race if you’re able, simply to have some sort of event that marks your fitness peak after your taper. :muscle:

Specialty phases are loaded with good workouts that sharpen and fine-tune your fitness and are always one of my favorite parts of our training plans.

I find it nice to change up the types of workouts I’m doing every now and then, so getting those Specialty Phase workouts in will certainly help to make you faster before jumping back into Base training. :racing_car:

Let me know if this helps and if you have any other questions!

Thanks! Someone also pointed me to the part in podcast Ep. 457 where this was discussed, which I found super helpful.

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