Tv stand or mount option for tight space?

Hello, I am looking for ideas on how to get a tv into a tight place in my garage (so I am not using my phone exclusively for training /trainerroad). I currently have my trainer in between 2 cars which are normally used daily except for now during covid where 1 is almost always parked due to working from home. Assuming I don’t read orient or locate my trainer I was thinking to try and mount a tv on the post (see below photo, this is view when on bike). However, I haven’t found an articulating arm mount that can move up and down so you can get it out of way when not in use (so can get in and out of cars, not hit your head on tv …).
I then had the idea to get a tv stand like this (

And small tv, 35", which I could put in front of my wahoo stand and then when done riding I can push everything up to the front wheel so as to take the least amount of space until my next ride.

Are there any other suggestions or setups you would suggest?
I think it would be nice to look at a larger screen than my phone and also have the option to run another setup in parallel to trainerroad (e.g. Fulgaz) in the offseason for a couple months to mix things up.
Side note: to get trainerroad on the tv I think I can cast (android) my screen to a tv or or connect a laptop (however, in this case I guess I could have 2 screens with 1 phone and 1 laptop but both are small)

Thanks for any ideas.


I use my wahoo desk as a monitor holder and just have it at a distance so I can put a bottle or 2 on it but it is stall far enough away to not melt my eyes. I keep the backlight pretty low so not always the easiest to see things on but 1st world problem.

As far as vertical arms I don’t think I’ve seen any as they typically only move horizontally and tilt. Might be able to find a diy for a vertical track but the only worry would be something failing and the tv suddenly being on the ground

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@N8lewis thank you. You use a computer monitor? What size? What are you connecting to the monitor as your source (e.g. phone, PC, …) and how are you connecting it?

is it possible to wall mount it? if space is youre biggest concern, a wall mounted display that can tilt front back left and right might be the best.

would you also consider buying a new monitor as well? reason is, a monitor has much more adapter options as compared to normal TV.

It’s a 24in monitor that is connected to either my laptop or an Apple tv4k. If my laptop is connected it nicely fits on the wahoo desk and the Apple TV is incredibly small. The Apple TV allows me to mirror my screen if I want to, though it is typically used to watch YouTube videos while working out or to zwift.

In your case a chromecast should do the trick or I have seen some people get a metal monitor riser so they can slide their laptop under the display to save space.

Could you ceiling hang something? vidaXL Ceiling Mounted TV Bracket 23"-42" Height Adjustable |

Or if you are handy with DIY it shouldnt be too difficult to put together a suitable vertical sliding solution to suit your needs.

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