What do you use to run TrainerRoad? (Platform / Device)

Curious what people find works the best for them. For myself, I’ve been using my work laptop with windows 10, wahoo ant+ and 9’ extension, wahoo kickr, scosche 24, assioma duo.

When I first started back in August, I used my iphone 7 plus for a short period of time, with garmin vector 3, wahoo kick and tickr fit. I don’t remember any issues with ios.

I always have a tendency for messing with things, trying different things, see what works best. The 15" screen on the laptop definitely works better over the iphone 7 plus.

I hear of people using apple tv and ipads. Just curious of peoples experiences so far.


iPhone. Quarq or P2M NGEco on Bluetooth. Kickr or Hammer on Bluetooth.

Works great.


I’ve just been using my android phone. I’ve got a mount on my stem and it’s easier to get started in the morning with less stuff to mess with, since I’m already using it to listen to music/podcasts anyway during sessions.

I’ve got a fluid trainer and just use the wahoo cadence sensor and wahoo speed sensor with virtual power as I haven’t caved and bought a power meter just yet. ANT+ on everything because my phone has bluetooth issues.


iPhone 8 on my garmin mount with PowerTap P1 pedals on either a kinetic Roadmachine or a feedback sports Omnium.


If I have it at home I’ll use my work laptop running Windows 10. If it’s not available I use my android phone. I have ant+ dongles for both devices.
I’m still using virtual power, but starting to think about changing out cranks in two bikes so that I can use a power meter that will fit the two bikes I train on the most.


Oldish laptop with Windows 8. Works perfectly. Also used android phone couple times but 99% laptop


Kickr and a bar mounted ipad. The bike and trainer sits in front of a 55" tv for netflix, zwift, etc.


iPhone 5se

More often than not I use my MacBook running TrainerRoad and Zwift. I use a Garmin Ant+ stick I got with my Vector 2 pedals on a usb extension lead to link TrainerRoad to my 2016 Kickr and use Bluetooth within Zwift.
If I’m short of time I use my iPhone only.
I’ve an Apple TV connected to a screen, I used to try using that to mirror my MacBook but it just couldn’t cope when running Zwift and TrainerRoad so now I just usually watch Netflix on that.
I think in the future I’ll use my iPhone more as I’m at the point where my Zwift increases in price after my 12 months grandfathered at previous price and it’s not worth the money when using TrainerRoad plans.


Kickr, stages and iPhone 6 or 8 on quadlock stem mount. Jabra headphones for music.

Mostly I use my iPhone mounted to my handlebars, connecting to the Kickr Core, Stages power meter and wahoo tickr heart rate monitor by bluetooth. I’ll then use my laptop to stream whatever additional entertainment I want - if sweetspot work then an episode of something that I don’t have to 100% concentrate on or a film I’ve seen before, if its a more intense workout then just music. All works really well

How do you attach your iPhone to the mount?

@cyclhist I’m doing the same. This is the Garmin mount I have stuck on my case.


I switch between my iPhone SE and ipad mini for TR app and fire the laptop up for the entertainment. That’s usually YouTube, Amazon Prime or some music. Only have a tacx vortex for my trainer but calibrate every ride so hopefully it’s consistent from workout to workout.

KICKR 2017, Power2Max NG, iPad, Lasko Wind Tunnel, TICKR X, Jlab Headphones and iPhone

I have a goose neck iPad holder that connects to a desk next to my setup that holds the iPad just over my front wheel and when the lights are off (my preferred workout environment), the iPad appears to be floating!

The iphone sends the music to the headphones and as I have Smart Lights, I use the iPhone to turn the lights off by just yelling at Siri.

All connections are Bluetooth, expect for the lights (Wi-Fi) and the Fan (IR)

Cleaning up this post to keep it on topic.

What I did try was the mouser blue tooth module on windows 10 with no success. It sits on my desk collecting dust.

Using Nokia 8 with Wattbike via Ant + .Only had one glitch so far.

A pretty naff android tablet with Ant+ dongle to run trainerroad.
Bike with Stages attached to an elite muin.
Phone and headphones for podcasts

iPhone Xs in a case with a Garmin mount male sticker attached…on my Waho ELEMNT Bolt out-front mount + Garmin Vector 3s.

I have used my iPad Pro as well but really prefer the smaller deceive bar mounted with less setup needed.

The biggest PITA is putting my phone in the case for each ride.

I tried the quadlock case and neck mount but the di2 box was under the neck, so I couldn’t mount it, sent it back. Id prefer a case that would mount, stay slim and not constantly have to change cases.

Ive moved the di2 junction box to the handlebar end cap, so i could do it now but riding at home, i dont wear my glasses or contacts, nearsighted, so just cant see the iphone plus

The 15” laptop works the best, ssd for fast boot, just plug in the ant+ usb, your up and running. I can see it just enough for the workout.

Im tempted for the 12.9 ipad but the laptop is a free, easy solution.