TV Screen height

Any recommendation on what height to put the TV screen in front of me? does it matter the size of the TV screen?

My current setup has the bottom of the TV at the handlebar height, and it is WAY TOO HIGH.
Would appreciate any advise

Think angle, not height. You can’t stare at the 6’ of road in front of your front wheel in the real world, right? Gotta look up and see where you’re going, right?

The height of my TV mount is dictated by the shared space with my wife’s treadmill and what it takes for her to see over the TM console. What I CAN control, is moving my bike back a foot or so and changing the angle.

Everynow and again my setup gets pushed too far forward, but I usually pick up on that during the warmup and get a re-set. Neck pain is a pretty rare occurrence for me.

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Basic rule of thumb I like is center of screen roughly in line with where you’d be looking when on the road.

We see too many setups with extremely low or high setups that I think would be literally a pain in the neck.

And as mentioned I also like a back tilt of at latest 5 degrees and up to 15 degrees.

Finally, I also like a screen as close as I can get it within reason. My 40" screen is about 24" from my face in regular riding position. When riding Zwift (first person camera 3) or watching POV vids, it give a very realistic view.


It’s going to be a very personal thing.
It’ll also depend on what you’re doing on the bike and the type of position you’re in.

Personally, I don’t ride Zwift often and mainly watch vids or read online. This means I find it more comfortable to keep the bottom of a 40 inch (2 ft away) inline with the bars. During hard intervals where I practice getting low I find it too high, but I can’t tell Arthur from Martha on the screen anyway.
My laptop sits right in front of the bars below the hoods.


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