Ideal Monitor Height?

Thanks to Prime Day, I know have a dedicated Kickr TV. I also moved by setup so my front wheel is about a foot away from a concrete wall. While waiting for the stand to show up, I did some workouts with the TV on the floor but tilted up. It was amazing. My eye gaze was roughly what would be ‘down the road’ outdoors. Seems like the Wahoo desk and similar might be a little high and close, which was about where I had planned to mount my tv.

Got me thinking, what angle do most people have their monitors/tvs?

I have a two TV setup. One for TR and one for media. They are mounted flat on the wall. I think panel height is much more important than angle. I’ve never felt tilting would improve things to be honest.

You can see my setup here:

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^ This ^


+1 @mcneese.chad reinforcement of your own words . . . “what would be down the road”.

FWIW: I use the Wahoo Training Desk that has adjustable height (I’m not at home at the moment to snap a picture). But the height is such that the MacBook that I have on it maps to the “down the road” view.


Just agreeing with others. I mounted mine off center and probably a normal height for non bike use. I find it’s Very annoying to be off center and way too high.

FWIW, it was off center trying to accommodate both my bike and wife’s, but she never watches anything so I just need to move it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback. Setting it up around stem height seems to be a good compromise for recovery and ‘chewing on the stem’ intervals.