Technology setup ideas/help for TR plus media (phone, ipad, laptop, apple tv, chromecast, chromebook, fire tablet, ...)

Hello, I am looking to improve my technology set up while riding and looking for ideas.
Currently I am using TR from my phone (attached to bike with quad lock out front mount) and then I watch stuff on a small chromebook that sits on my wahoo desk. This works, however, my chromebook is getting old (no longer supported) and I would like to try using TR from a larger screen than my phone.
Also on the wish list is to be able to run something like Fulgaz along with TR at the same time to mix things up in down time and fall and winter before training gets more serious at which point I would be find with TR only.
I feel like I should use the wahoo desk for one display, and somehow try to get another display to fit in my tight garage space where I am currently training.
TR doesn’t need much computing power but these other services like Fulgaz do.
I guess it would be convenient to use my phone with TR but get it on a larger screen somehow (chromecast?).
My wife has a macbook I can probably borrow and that can be used for either TR or entertainment.
I am not sure what I can use for a second screen or where to put it.
Maybe I should just leave TR on the phone and get a better larger screen or laptop to sit on the wahoo desk for entertainment or the other system (e.g. fulgaz) when I want to use it?
Any suggestions or pictures of setups would be great to help me make some decisions and hopefully find something that both works and doesn’t cost a lot of money.

You should check out the Let’s See Your Paincave thread. Lots of sweet setups there!

Here is mine:

Run TR on my MB Air which is hooked to the spare computer monitor mounted above for entertainment. Zwift on the Windows 10 (Ant+) below.


Thanks @bloya89 I will check out that thread for sure.
So you use your mb air for both TR and then netflix or something like that in a second open window that is sent to a second monitor above?
And then zwift on a 3rd screen on a second device (windows computer) below? I didn’t think of using 2 screens off of 1 machine.
I guess I could NOT run both TR and zwift or fulgaz from the same machine but on different screens if I had a second monitor connected to the same laptop?
Thanks and I think I will be perusing that thread throughout the day for ideas.

I would love to have TR cast to my TV somehow.
I have in on my phone too, but is a huge pain to watch tv and pay attention to the phone. (First world problem tho).
If they make an app for the appleTV. That would convince me of switching from Roku to AppleTv.
Of course it would need to let me watch a show AND have the app running, similar to a pc setup.
And im guessing that would be very hard to do.

I run Zwift on Apple TV and i see Fulgaz has an Apple TV app but I’ve never used it. if you don’t have to count the TV cost, the Apple TV is a cheap way to get good graphics power for these apps vs a higher end laptop and way easier than having to set up your laptop each time. And it gives you access to Netfiix, YouTube etc too.

I used to run TR on a laptop plugged into the TV and do the dual screen thing but once I started using the mobile app I stopped doing that. Entertainment on the TV and TR on the phone or iPad works fine and is less hassle.

Even if TR had an Apple TV app, I’d probably still run it on my phone and keep the TV free for video.


Unless they enable video on top of it…

I used to use the mobile app as well but with group workouts I like using the laptop/tv combo. Plus I personally prefer the larger display for TR on the laptop.

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dinosaur tech approach :slight_smile:

I use an old iPad to run TR.

I use an old laptop to play DVDs (remember those?)

But definitely have a look at the paincave thread as mentioned. And bring a tissue to wipe the drool as you see some people’s setups :slight_smile: Some of those ‘caves’ are palaces…

Can you use a an apple tv into a PC monitor vs a TV?
Having devices that can do double duty (e.g. my phone) is appealing as it seems extravagant for me to have a device or equipment I only use with Trainerroad. I do indoor workouts 4-5 times a week, but only 1-1.5 hours each time. Even an apple TV sitting in my garage seems like a bit of a waste, however, it is relatively inexpensive vs a laptop or ipad solely for TR (as I don’t have either of these currently for my or my family’s own personal use).

An Apple TV is only worth it if you’re using it to run Zwift (or Fulgaz). TR does not have an Apple TV app. If you’re not using it for Zwift, its just an entertainment streaming device and there are several as good if not better alternatives at around 1/3 the price (Roku or Fire Stick).

FWIW 5 to 8 hours a week is more than enough to justify dedicated equipment, especially if you’re just talking a $39 Roku.

I use an Apple Tv and and Ipad (both are older models)

My family is embedded in the Apple universe, so I already had these and then are now dedicated to my trainer.

Ipad runs TR
Apple TV - Air play TR, or stream video (Netflix, Hulu, Prive Video, Disney+, HBO Max, AppleTV, YouTube) or play Apple Music - The stand also rolls so I just move it over in front of my treadmill for running entertainment.