TSS mismatch? Top graph does not match calendar

I’m seeing a slight mismatch in the TSS graph at the top of the calendar page and the TSS shown for a week in the calendar itself. Now, the week in question got messed up when I accidentally deleted a plan and lost a couple workouts that week, so that may be the issue.

See what I mean? 437 in the top graph, 452 in the calendar.

BTW, the calendar really needs an “undo” button if you make a mistake. As well, perhaps I’m missing it, but if a past workout or activity was deleted, is there no way to add it back in (other than manually)?

Love the calendar, BTW! Great for planning!

I think I see now, Wednesday’s activity is shown twice in the calendar, but not reflected in the graph.

After I deleted the duplicate, the opposite is true. LOL. 452 graph, 437 calendar.

Edit again. Now the “wake up!” activity (15 TSS) is completely gone and a previously not-shown TR workout is there (30 TSS). I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Haha.

This is really peculiar… Would you mind reporting this to our Support Team at support@trainerroad.com? They will want to look into your log files to determine the root of the problem if this is, in fact, a bug.

My initial thought is that your Calendar was not updated, perhaps due to a poor internet connection, and that the latest version is the updated version. As you can see, the TSS now matches up in the latest screenshot.

Did you complete that Carter Ride on Wed Jan 2?
Is there any chance you intentionally or unintentionally deleted the “Wake Up” ride on another platform?

Be sure to include that information in the email you send Support as well :slight_smile: .

I’ve had this glitch happen if I put a plan into place and then do a workout on a day in advance and then delete the prescribed one out. For example I have Pettit Wednesday but do it Tuesday. You end up with a duplicate so you delete but then it throws the TSS count on the right of the calendar out of sync.

If I understand what you are doing, then I’ve had a siniliar situation recently where I performed a wprkspit on a different day from scheduled.

After I did it I loved the scheduled workout onto the same day and “associated” the ad-hoc one with the scheduled one and everything fell into line.