Calendar Bug? (1 overview bar do not correspond with planed TSS of that week)

Hi there,

I have just noticed in the calendar that 1 bar on the upper overview graphic does not correspond with the weekly TSS that are planed in the calendar (see picture):


I reported this during the Beta phase. It’s a known bug that they’re working on.


Yep, we’re working on it! There’s a few of these little bugs and tweaks that we want to refine in the next few weeks. Thank you!

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I have this issue to, is there any update on progress in addressing it. I want to complete my plan leading to CX nationals which is January 13th.

I believe that it is corrected in my calendar :slight_smile:

Good Job TR :+1:

I think I’m still seeing this now. Planned TSS across the top in the column chart view (and seemingly where 6-week average is calculated) appears to only include TSS from planned workouts that are part of a training plan. Meanwhile, down below that I have manually planned individual workouts and their TSS that’s not included above.

Still an open bug @larry?


I noticed a similar issue yesterday. The weekly calendar online TSS totals do not match the app totals. :thinking:

Hey guys! This is still an open issue, it’s in the backlog and just hasn’t been addressed yet. Hang on tight! We work through these in weekly sprints, and they get prioritized and worked on as we have time.

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