Calendar, is my math off or there is something odd happening

Hey guys,

I was planning my week for the Sunday race and just couldn’t figure out the planned TSS mismatch, have a look…

Is this a bug?

Thank you!

Was Tecumseh planned, as in it was on the calendar before you did the workout? Or did you do the workout ad-hoc? If ad-hoc, that would explain the numbers as follows:

Tecumseh is 111. The sum TSS of the remaining five workouts is 295.

TSS 111/295 --> Total completed to date this week / Planned for the week

I can see that now… Hmm. I moved Tecumseh from last week. I shuffle workouts a lot rather than skipping them, I just move them ahead if I missed them for whatever reason…

It is not big deal, just caught my eye. Thanks for the reply :wink: