Solved: Odd discrepancy in weekly TSS displays on TR

I think I’m seeing incorrect displays of weekly TSS totals on TR (website, using Firefox). My calendar shows this for this week and next, for example:

Notice that all the workouts are the same, but this week (134+325) adds up to 459 even though the subtotals all work out correctly to 403. Next week, correctly totals 406 TSS.

The other problem is that the career page shows the right total TSS for this week, but the wrong total for next week (422 instead of 406).

Could this possibly be something other than a bug/issue with TR? @Bryce, what do you think?

Bryce is no longer in his position with TR. @ IvyAudrain (no space) is the new Community Manager here.

Saying that, this might be best addressed with an email to for review.


Took your advice and talked to support. There does appear to be a bug. If you make a custom workout, schedule that workout for a certain date, and then edit/republish the custom workout, the details of the updated workout are not getting pushed to the calendar/career pages where that workout was scheduled.

They’ll figure out why this is and fix it. :+1:t2: