Trying to recover help sought

Yes - I understand we arent Drs…I am really struggling to recover from last weeks Redlands Classic, 50k Criterium, 64k RR. The RR started 2AM, AESTt Monday morning. Usually I can recover quite quickly from hard efforts. I have been doing two a days on my current plan. an avg week is 578 TSS.

Since Friday I’ve had a on going headache, Sundays was worse, I felt physically sick after the RR. had a spit on the bike. Haven’t felt any better since. Been trying to re hydrate as much as I can, around 3ltrs per day is my usual hydration. I did a recovery ride today, and though the ride was fine. headache has started to come back and same feeling in my stomach. Plus Im still tired from being up at 1230am until 4am Monday morning.

I have been counting macros and how many carbs I need to fuel myself properly. Getting good sleep. really trying to be my best cyclist self.

Fridays Crit, whilst I rode just over or under my TSS I didn’t feeeeel that bad. I was tired, but not sore at all. I had 2 bottles, 1 Beta Fuel, 1 SiS Tabs, 2 Gels.

Sundays RR, after 23k I was struggling, because I have done strength work I did the last hour at SST 80 cadence. Again I had 2 bottles, 1 Beta Fuel, 1 SiS Tabs, 3 Gels.

Help or thoughts sought.

You sound sick. Take a rest. Headache and fatigue are symptom of covid-19.

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Rest and get more sleep, no reason to push yourself if you’re not feeling well and if it continues or you’re running a temperature see a doctor or do a virtual visit. If it’s a recurring issue then bring it up with your doctor so they can do some tests, if it’s a one off issue it sounds like you are either getting sick or maybe just exerted yourself more than usual and the impact on your sleep with a start time like that will compound the effect on your body. Sleep isn’t just about getting the 7-9 hours but also about regularity and quality.

Thanks for all the replies, no it wasn’t Clovid. I think it was strange hours, lack of sleep, high level of exertion. Looked after my food intake and had good sleep including naps. All good now.