Suspected Illness

Hi Everyone,
So I’ve been recovering from a cold. Did the usual thing took a week off, then travelled interstate (Australia) for three days. Returned had good solid ride numbers were as expected. Travelled again for another 3 days for a short family Easter break.
I’ve now returned to what I planned to be a solid week of aerobic work outside enjoying the nice weather. Before returning to the program which had been adjusted to reflect the downtime.

The problem is now I cannot ride anywhere close to where I was. an example I did a local run with 2 mates. 70odd km usually takes 2hrs. An 8min climb features in the last 30mins normally a big ring climb nothing too hard. I cracked and was dropped. the climb took 2mins longer than normal power was 80w below normal and it hurt. I mean gassed out of breath and just no watts. after this, it felt like I just Bonked I mean I couldn’t even ride for 5mins at FTP.
This trend has continued for several more days, I took the next day super easy 1hr just spinning. Today I tried to do 70kms again. The plan was solid aerobic nothing too stressful. Yep, no power riding at high lvl 2 was just weird. Going over climbs 100w under “normal” and just feeling dead. I ended up turning back for home early. I ended up with 45kms in 2hrs, which is very slow for me. I’d normally easily cover 65+ on my own for that ride.

My questions are

  1. do I still have some lingering virus
  2. I don’t see I would have lost that much condition some I am sure but not 50+ watts of FTP
  3. thoughts on what else might be going on?
  4. where to from here? More recovery? Keep on trucking? A week off?

your thoughts are appreciated Thank You

Only times I have experienced anything like that I was either 1) sick or 2) not realizing my brake pad was dragging the rim.


Funny you say that. it was the first thing checked this morning…
I am assuming there is an active virus in my system still… SUper frustrating tho

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I’m going to share this. In August of last year I Felt sluggish just for now complete some of the stuff I have going on. Ended up in ICU with double pneumonia. Please Do not take any illnesses lightly.

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The come back after illness or not riding for 1+ week should be much easier. The first two rides should just be to get your legs back underneath you, so maybe next time just ride along, no hammer group rides with 8m finishing climb…

  1. you may have a lingering virus, but you may also just have depleted glycogen stores and weren’t fueled up enough for that ride. Don’t overthink that first ride back; everyone is flat after a long break.

  2. you didn’t lose 50W. It’ll be back

  3. take today and tomorrow off. When you feel 100% (truly 100%!!!), try this (assuming you train 8-10h per week):

day 1: endurance 2h
day 2: tempo 3 x 15m, rest 5m between, remainder of time zone 2. total ride 2h
If you pass both days perfectly, and feel 100%, you probably are! Rest one more day and resume training plan.
If feeling sick or cannot complete those, REST and check back in.

Let us know how it goes!

@brendanhousler CHeers Mate good advice… My return went much like this
day 1 easy 60 mins IF .6 done indoors (raining)
Day 2 was the planned ride outdoors most of it wasn’t hard just cruising along.
However, as you mention maybe too much too soon and OR just had not eaten enough.

I’ll take it easy for a few more days and report back.
Thanks :slight_smile:

sure thing! my bad I misread that the ride wasn’t that hard. Yeah just might need to get your legs back a bit, I wouldn’t worry too much; just rest to ensure you’re 100% and let us know!

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Update to those who replied I am still sick. suffering from what the Doc has called post viral cough.
have not yet been back on the bike as I am barking like a sick seal and just tired all the time.

Its really starting to get me down and very frustrated… Thinking about taking a week of work just to really get over it.
my whole winter fondo season is now shot tho. July’s A event is going to become a C event and I’ll look at something else in August or something.