Triathlon training plan problem

I’m in the middle of Olympic Distance Triathlon Plan from the plan builder. I run and swim from a different source (garmin coach for run and swim with human coach). the intensity of cycling training is quite high (I have a newborn :)). I’m thinking about switching to TR Polarized Low Volume Cycling Plan and just add swimming and running (future GLRL is not supposed to include running and swimming anyway), what do you think about that idea?

Depends on what you want, if you want more cycling volume but less intensity then its probably not going to make a big difference. But you’d need to decide where to go when you are moving in to build and speciality. And it depends on your goals, with a newborn I am assuming that you arent attempting to be that super high performing athlete but are you also giving away the major leg of any Tri race by putting too much into your run and swim training while somewhat neglecting the bike by making it fit with the others.

I do sprint triathlon as my speciality and even at that distance I try hard to bias the bike as its at least 50% of my race time.

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and are you go with trainerroad tri plan?

I used to but I havent for a while. I know that they have their limitations and I would never say to not try anything out. But moving to a low volume cycling plan with much less intensity doesnt seem to me to be where i would choose to put my limited resources. I have 2 kids myself so I know how hard it is to train through with them being small. Because you take your plans from multiple sources though it is up to you how you mix your intensities.

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thx for reply

I will change Saturday’s training to long Z2 and stick to the TR plan. I’ll see what comes of it:)

Hey there,

That strategy should work fine if you’re getting run and swim workouts from other sources. We’d recommend setting your focus for Plan Builder on the 40k TT Specialty Phase so you’ll still get workouts targeting the long, sustained power you’ll need for triathlon events.

Be sure to monitor how you feel throughout your plan (especially with a newborn – congrats!!) and don’t be afraid to back things off if you start to feel a bit too much fatigue.

Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions!



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I have one more question. when i plan to change all saturdays workouts to just z2 (2-3 hours depending on planned weekly tss). Should I change my whole plan now or just change it on the day of a given workout? or maybe it makes no difference for the adaptive training function?

:+1: Thats what I did.

Personal I just change it one week / workout at a time i.e a few days before, then if you fancy doing the original planned workout, or your situation changes, you are not left wondering what it was.