Triathletes... curious about your training and your workout schedule

I am currently training for sprints and an Oct. 1 Half distance. I have my plan set up in TR and have been doing pretty good with sticking to the workouts. But, I’m starting to wonder if I need to make an adjustment. I have been doing my long ride on Saturday with a swim. Then, my long run Sunday. As my ride and run distance builds, I’m wondering if I should adjust the back to back long days. I also was wondering if I have too much intensity during the week, and how sustainable it will be…

Sunday-Long run (105 +minutes) no intensity
Monday-Swim only, with vo2 stuff
Tuesday-Bike workout from TR and brick run. 1 hour VO2 stuff on bike. 10 to 30 mins run
Wednesday-Run and swim run has sprints etc. swim is a mixture
Thursday-Ride only
Friday-Run or swim. Typically run
Saturday-Ride and swim. 1.5 hour ride but building. Was indoors and was more sweet spot.

I’ve just switched from base to build.
Also, I don’t have a rest day, but typically take one. I will do a rest day based on when I feel I need it or when my schedule doesn’t allow for a workout. I have been consistent with getting 7 to 10 hours a week of training.


Do you mind sharing your workout schedule? I currently workout after work. I am not really a morning person, and Thursday nights we have a consistent event planned.

I’m also worried that soccer season (6 year old) may make my Monday and Wednesday nights interesting.

I found that if my long run and swims were at the end of the week I would potentially drop or avoid them because I lost motivation. Also, since I have a family, I enjoy guaranteeing 1 weekend day fully off to make sure and spend time with them and take care of things around the house. Therefore using the TR LV HIM plans I do:
Monday - Long swim and long run
Tuesday - TR bike
Wednesday - Run and swim (interval set as defined by TR)
Thursday - TR bike
Friday - Run and swim (interval set as defined by TR)
Saturday - TR bike and brick if called out

I’d recommend scheduling the rest day and not randomly skipping a workout. In my experience that leads to greater consistency.
Also, many triathletes that use TR plans tend to use their own modified run and swim plans. My first 2 years I used the TR specified run and swims but recently changed swim workout providers and running plans. It is pretty easy to match up workout equivalents for other plan providers with what TR thinks is a good intensity for that day.