Shifting the long run - Triathlon

I’m probably piggybacking off some of the other topics on here but I’m coming back to TR with a few time commitments and need some advice please

The layout is (as I remember)
Mon: OIf / Swim
Tues: VO2 Bike / Swim
Wednesday: Run (a workout - during build and spesh phase)
Thurs: Longer Sweetspot ride + Run (if not workout on the weds then this is a brick
Fri: Bike / Swim
Sat: Long Bike and small Brick
Sun: Long Run and a Swim

Following the above I’m likely to have low compliance with the plan unless I move the long run around as my wife has shifts at the hospital and every other week, one on the weekend so I look after our daughter then and she starts at like 6am til 6pm so I’d rather keep that day free

I’ve drawn out the below:

Mon: VO2 Bike / Swim
Tues: Run (a workout - during build and spesh phase)
Wednesday: Longer Sweetspot ride + Run (if not workout on the weds then this is a brick
Thurs: Swm
Fri: Long Run option ?
Sat: Long Run option ?
Sun: Long Bike and small Brick

Any other suggestions for moving the long run around? I wanted to put it jammed between the two bike workouts but that seems like a bad idea? My issue is i’m now also doing the VO2 bike after the long Sunday Ride

I’ve moved my long run to Friday afternoon if the weather looks good on the weekend to get 2 good longer rides in or in your case time with your wife.

This is also dependent on work schedule but I have some flexibility as I can front load hours earlier in the week so I can sign off by 3 and have enough time for a run.

How much weekly mileage and how long are we talking for the LR? I keep mine around 2 hours year round unless I’m training for something specific.

Thanks, so around 40-45 miles during peak season but I generally run 2 hours quite easy during base phase. I may cap it currently to 1 hour and 40 mins whilst I build up to 2 hours again. Do you find the legs are abit thrashed from Thursday or generally okay? Friday looks the best option for me as well

What plan are you looking at/how long is the long ride? I don’t think you’ll want to do your V02Max bike workout the day after your long ride if it’s on the longer or more intense side of things either (some plans alternate long/Endurance and mid/Tempo). I do my long runs on Saturdays as I typically have less time available in the mornings then on Sundays when I can do my long rides and optional bricks. Joe Friel (and others I’m sure) suggest that if you want to/can split up your long runs and rides so they’re not back-to-back days to put the long run on Wednesday or Thursday.

Your legs are always going to be somewhat tired if you’re doing a decent amount of triathlon training since there’s only so many days and so much time available to try and get everything in. My suggestion would be to experiment with moving the long run to Wednesday in between the two harder bike workouts and move your harder run to the Saturday before the long ride and see how you feel doing it both ways (or getting the harder run in on Friday if that works better schedule wise). Either way, try some things and see what works for you - - there are no rules. :grinning::+1:


I had a different set up.

I don’t swim so my set up was slightly different. (We’ll see what happens after covid but there aren’t any pools near my condo so will wait until I’m back at the office)

Monday: am Easy Run / pm Vo2 max or threshold bike
Tuesday: PM longer run workout usually around 90 mins
Wed: easy am run / easy pm bike
Thursday: mid bike 2-2:30 bike some efforts if I’m feeling good but nothing too crazy.
Friday: PM long run
Sat: 4 hour ride
Sunday: 3 hour ride

I like this a lot this past spring but I was in an accident in June and between that and work I haven’t worked up my mileage on either run or bike yet.

The above got me at like 15-17 hours a week of volume and I’ve gotten about 8ish so far.

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Better off with the long bike on Fridays I think, long run Sunday