Sundays off - Ironman Triathlon Plan

@Jonathan and any other LDS or Religious Athletes.

I’m wondering how one might structure an Ironman plan around taking Sunday off for religious reasons. You can’t simply shift all the days over, because then the long ride would be on a Friday. My solution is to shift Tu-F to M-Th, then do Long Run Friday and keep Long Ride Saturday.

What say you other triathletes?

You can generally switch days around without a problem. The only thing to watch is the VO2Max workout (generally Tuesdays) is pretty intense, and you probably don’t want to schedule another intense day immediately after.

When you set up the plan with Plan Builder, you can specify for each block of training which days you want to do what type of workouts - this is probably easier than manually changing every day.

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Yeah, your idea sounds pretty sensible to me- IIRC the sessions are able to be moved to wherever you like as long as you can keep the quality there and recover sufficiently, so as long as you’re not stacking a bunch of hard sessions or something you should be fine.
Consistency is the most important thing, so making your plans fit with your life should be a priority :slight_smile:

That’s what I would do. I actually prefer to do the long run the day before the long ride. I find my form is better and I’m able to get more out of the run.

Orhet option would be to shift the Sunday long run to midweek as it’s nice to not have the long run and long ride back to back

It’s actually what joe friel recommended for the same reasons

That’s what I did before as well. Works well.

Do you find the legs are abit done by Thursday as from what I can tell - the Wednesday can incorporate some quality running following the Tuesday Hard bike intervals and the. Thursday is the brick workout. Although I think it’s not a brick or reduced running when the Wednesday calls for a quality run?

I take Sunday’s off. I typically put my long run on Tuesday. I do this to try to space out my intensity across the week. Typically my hardest ride is Monday, and my hardest run is Thursday. I have found I can do my long run on Tuesday after my hard ride. Obviously it can vary week-to-week, but that has been my general structure.

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