Tri: hard days hard, easy days easy. When to strength train?

I have avoided asking this yet another strength training question, but going back through the previous discussions and some self-experimentation, I have not found an answer.

The past 3 weeks I have really taken the hard days hard, easy days easy to heart and have changed up my training schedule.

Monday - off or easy swim
Tues am TR workout. PM run
Wed am group swim
Thursday TR workout and run (which is am/pm varies on life)
Friday group swim
Sat long run
Sun brick workout (TR +run)

The swims, while tiring, rest the legs and meet my need to do something every day. What I miss is the strength training. I can tell in my long runs and in life in general that I need the strength training.

Historically lifting really wears me out and I need the recovery. Keeping with the hard days hard, easy days easy … where does the strength training get programmed in.

There is NO WAY I can do 3x on those 2 days. Hard enough getting the time for the 2nd workout.


True strength training is best in the off season, then you just add some maintenance strength through race season. Adding new strength workouts during a Build or Specialty phase is likely to be too much unless you start very slowly and cautiously. Your priority is being able to perform for your swim, bike or run. Strength training should compliment this, not deter.

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I agree 100% w what you said. But when during the week would you actually lift based on the above schedule? If you were to cut something to lift, what would you cut and why?

If that was my schedule, I’d do Tue/Thu or Tue/Fri. Agree with the above - I usually do 6-12 weeks of concentrated strength work early in the season (pre base through base), 3x/week, then cut to 2x/week and then 1x/week as I get further into build and specialty. I do my lifting immediately after my TR workouts. If your legs are fatigued for next swim use a pull buoy for some or all, especially if you are certain your race will be wetsuit legal. I did all of my swim training last season w/ a buoy b/c of a knee injury that kicking bothered (but westuit gave enough support that I didn’t feel it), it didn’t impact my swim time at all

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