Triathlon strength training timing

Looking for recommendations (evidence based or anecdotal) on when best to incorporate strength training into full/iron distance triathlon training.

We’re already training twice a day (except for rest day Monday’s) most days so not sure when to squeeze it in? Can it be included in an existing workout (i.e. end of a swim season or easy run) with ruining the adaptions from that workout?

Current week looks like:
Mon: rest
Tuesday: swim, bike (vo2 or threshold)
Wednesday: swim, interval or tempo run, rock climbing (counting it as a bit of strength and conditioning)
Thursday: bike & run or a brick
Friday: swim, easy endurance ride
Sat: long ride or a brick
Sun: Long swim, long run

Also after any strength training plan recommendations? Seems to be loads of advice on what exercises and session plans out there, but not many progressive multiweek plans.