Where to fit Strength Training in MV Oly Tri Plan

I’ve been a TR user for a couple of years working with the MV Oly Tri Plans. My current schedule is slightly different than the TR plan:

M - Swim short or rest
Tu - am TR bike, pm run short
W - am Swim, pm run medium
Th - am TR bike, pm run short
Fr - am Swim, pm run medium
Sa - am TR bike, pm run short
Su - Run long

My biggest weakness is strength training and I’m confused on where to put it. I assume after the run short days but I’d like some feedback from the resources of the TR community.

Do not skip strength training. You will get injured soon enough. You need to make time for it. As you suggested, I would do it after your short runs, especially since you have a swim the next morning after each short run day. I would even bag the swim/rest on Monday and just do strength training that day. It’s imperative you get it in, or it will catch up with you. You can do 2 days a week, but 3 would be optimal for a while. Once you get late in your build or a little into your specialty phase you could scale back to 1. My .02, hope that helps.

Are you in offseason? I wouldn’t start it in-season. But if you are in offseason I’d do it three times a week now. After a while it won’t affect the rest of your training as much as it will to start.

I’d think about Sunday afternoon (assuming morning long run) because you have the rest day next, and maybe Thursday afternoon while in season? In a prior sporting life strength training was extremely important to me, and I found it paired well with easier aerobic efforts on the same day, but very poorly with anything explosive or neurally demanding. So I wouldn’t pair it with any kind of speed work or vo2 work, but easier aerobic stuff. But experiment, see what works for you.

@Geronimo and @614irondad thank you for your responses. I am in the off-season so I’ll add it to my calendar 2-3x/week to get me started. I forgot to mention that I’m 46 yo so I can’t “crush it” like I could in my previous life. :slight_smile: