Importing Zwift workout to TR - don’t worry I don’t favour Zwift!

Hi all,

I exclusively use TR for my training and have done pretty well in a 15 months so far! From 227w up to 283w, at approx 4.2 w/kg.

Problem I have is that I’ve joined my local Tri club and they use Sufferfest and Zwift for meet up workouts.

I don’t want to pay another subscription so wondered how I upload a .zwo file into TR rather than manually creating one.

Can this be done?


I don’t think you can import a Zwift workout file into TR in any way.

You’d have to create a new file with the Workout Creator.

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I’ve not tried this, and is a bit long winded … but you could import the workout into TrainerDay (their workout editor imports zwo’s), export to training peaks … and then import from trainingpeaks to trainer road

Not tried it, not 100% that it will work, but all the options are there

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Apparently the TR workout creator can import ERG files so you just have to convert your ZWO to that format and then import it. can do this conversion + there are other online converters (e.g.