Exporting a workout plans from TrainingPeaks to TrainerRoad

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I hope someone can help, I have training plans created in trainingPeaks which I want to export to my TrainerRoad but have had no luck doing this. Can anyone advise or does anyone have a link that can assist me? Is it possible?

Thanking you in advance

Presumably if you have the plan in TP you also have the sessions attached.

Therefore you can export each session as a erg file and drop it into TR workout creator. Once in there you just drop it into the TR calendar. Just tick the custom filter in TR calendar when adding the workouts to find them quickly.

Sounds like it is a lot of work but I am sure you will find many sessions repeated over the weeks. Just build them a week in advance if you are short of time.

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Thank you so much for the help. I am having trouble with the TR workout creator, it does not seem to open on my Mac. Do you have any advice or now of any problems similar to this?

I use the PC version but the mac version is available at the bottom of this page

Good luck

Hi John,

Thank you, it works great, managed to get it done. Really appreciate your assistance.

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Glad @John_Hallas was here to help! :beers: :star2:
If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to reach out in the forum or email us at support@trainerroad.com

Hi Chris, I was thinking that with the new copy session in the calendar it is much faster to create a sessi N now, once you have input the session for the first time.
Just a matter of a couple of clicks.

Hi John,

That is correct, once it has been created it is very easy. I am no techno guru but your help made it very easy for me. The best part is the more I train the better I get at navigating TR so my fitness and techno skills are improving simultaneously.

Thanks again and all the best for 2019.



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Thank you Larry

hi there, i followed this topic. I am new on trainerroad. I would like to export my files from trainingpeaks into workout creator so i can add them to my calender. But i dont know where the button is ‘to add’ that file…can someone help me?