Training With TrainerRoad while Competing Weekly in Online Zwift Races / C-19 Lockdown Question

Hi! “Long time listener, first time caller.”

I want to compete on a weekly basis in online Zwift races… because I enjoy the challenge and the interaction with other riders during Lockdown. I also want to continue to build my strength/FTP etc. I’m looking for the best way to use TR to achieve this…

I’ve looked at the Plan Builder and what I think is possible is to put a Class C event in every week and a Class A at the end (4/6+ weeks out). *Am I doing this right or is there a better way of mixing things up?

Being a CXer and 50+ CAT C I’m not hugely driven to have podium finishes. Continuous improvement, even ‘marginal gains’ are more my driver. On the flip-side constant indoor TrainerRoad sessions are hugely inspiring and ‘outdoor’ training is not easy for me currently for a number of reasons.

That’s reasonable way to construct your plan. When the TR plan puts VO2 work in and Threshold work, it will be hard for the C rated races as your legs will be cooked a bit. For the A events Plan builder will taper the effort before hand. As Long as the C races are for the fun aspect you can still use them for a swapped Threshold/VO2 max effort.


I think that’s a good way to go about it. I think adding a weekly virtual race to your plan with a bigger goal race every six weeks while no IRL racing is happening will keep you motivated.

I built my plan at the start of the year but obviously things have changed. So a few months ago I deleted all the events I had in my plan up to September, keeping all my fall CX events in place. I only ride 3-4 days a week so my workouts are all threshold or VO2max workouts. The last six weeks I’ve been replacing the longer threshold workout with a Zwift 3R 100k ride (well, with no beacon and no fence, it’s a race) as I basically get the same kind of workout, though definitely a little harder since there’s no recovery periods. I’ve noticed it hasn’t hurt my legs for any of the other workout days, and it’s definitely keeping me motivated to train. I haven’t put the race on my calendar just incase I’d rather do the threshold workout.

And, icing on the cake, during last week’s race my FTP improved 11w. So the TR workouts mixed with the high-effort racing is paying off.

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