Training whilst travelling, My Take

I have come back from 2.5 weeks travelling SE Asia. My only requirement for my wife was I have access to a gym. We travelled with our twins (3yrs old). I had been avg 600TSS a week and the last week before leaving I made it a hard week, knowing I was travelling and couldn’t maintain my TSS.

What I found worked was to look at what time I had available, 45-1hr of a morning before the kids and wife woke, and our start of the day and utilised that time with sprints, V02s, over and unders. All high intensity efforts, with mobility work with an exercise ball, light lifting with kettle bells, and stretching every other day.

With gym work I avg 248tss a week, which doesn’t take it in the added stress of travel and every day pool with the kids, in 35-40deg temps.

With a time zone difference and 23hrs in transit home, its taking me a few days to re adjust back to normality. If I need a few more hours sleep I will take it, banking sleep and also recovering.

What I DIDNT do, and will do next time, is take my own food on the plane, inflight food is rubbish, even vegetarian. And I still feel rubbish from eating it. Lesson learnt. If you can take, fruit, sandwiches, nuts etc then do it.

@Nate_Pearson you have talked about travel and training in many podcasts. Thought this might be of interest.

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Looks like you nailed it. Having the motivation to train while traveling is half the battle.

I love to make a giant salad to bring on flights - as long as you’re smart with packing it you can get a ton of healthy and filling food on board to snack on. That plus a pile of fresh fruit does wonders for airline travel