Holiday during training plan - how to minimise effect

We’re off on holiday for a week, next week. In theory there’s a gym there, but I doubt I’ll be able to do any power-based training. And not sure I’d want to even if I could. The days will be filled mostly with snorkelling - I never swim outside of holidays so that’ll be a workout in itself, but it’s obviously different.

Last week was a recovery week (which luckily coincided with christmas/new year). Which gives me just one week of more-significant TSS before I have another easy week. So…

Would you just mark the holiday in TR calendar and let it adapt your plan around it? Or would you make manual adjustments yourself?

My current thought is to take the 5 workouts I have prescribed this week, and add an hour (or more) of extra endurance to each one. An extra half hour each end of them, maybe? :man_shrugging:

(I can definitely accommodate the time for extra volume this week - and I assume my body would cope if it’s just zone 2 stuff)

Any thoughts/experience appreciated!

First and foremost focus on the holiday and making sure you’re in top shape to enjoy that. Probably going to be a fair bit of natural stress and anxiety as the trip comes up, packing, cleaning, other final to do’s, and I wouldn’t want to add to that by squeezing in additional tss or worrying that you’re going to lose gains over your holiday.

There isn’t a wrong answer here and you’ll get plenty of experiences for both, so it comes down to your own experience. And if you don’t have experience with this type of situation, then good time to experiment, and you’ll learn something one way or another!

If you want to push things, then add 15-30 minutes of z2 to the end of your harder rides, and bump the z2 rides 30-60 min or whatever feels good, you wanna be fatigued but not totally empty. Otherwise, if you take a week off, you won’t lose much if any fitness, especially in base, you’ll just feel like crap for a day or two while you ramp back up.