Training strengths or weaknesses? Build Phase?

Hi all,

I am shortly going to start my first build phase after successfully completing SSMV I and II. I have no specific ‘A’ race in mind, but am questioning how to train, given my strengths and goals.

Which build phase should i go for?

I ride with the club on a Sunday, we ride a 100-140km at a decent pace with some short intervals from 2-8mins long where we’re chasing down KOMs. In 90% of the short intervals I can keep with the bunch but when it drags for 5mins + I normally get dropped. In the sub-4min sprints is where I shine, keeping with the bunch and a late last 30second dash to sometimes take the segment. I even got my first top 10 on strava last week 7/7000 people.

My goal is to not get dropped on those 8min intervals, and slam the hammer down even harder with the last 30 seconds. I also want to start riding Crits and become a Cat 3 racer in the next year or so.

For further background:
34yo, 90kg, FTP 320w, 6s / 1200w, 30s / 700w, 8m / 365w.

Would you suggest any particular build phase or training given my profile and goals?


You must be riding with some strong guys!

Short Power Build might be your first port of call as this will address…short power. That’ll be useful in crits too.

Your 6s and 30s power are very similar to mine, but your 8m and FTP is higher, I’m 81kg. I’m also targeting crits so will starting short power build this week (after my first ever crit tonight)

Would go for General Build as there’s enough short stuff to maintain your short power, but also some longer intervals that will improve your FTP and 8 minute power which will enable you to hang on in more of those surges and/or be fresher at the end of them to unleash your sprint. The fresher you can be when the sprint kicks off, the closer to your max power you can put out.

I’m also assuming with your power that you’re not getting dropped on flat sections (if you are you need to draft more and/or upgrade your equipment/position/kit!) so if you can shave off any of those 90kgs that’s also going to be a big help.


I’m getting dropped as it reaches a slight incline on the surges. I’m trying to tuck in and keep areo, but i’m a big guy so it’s a slightly hard. I’m also still rocking a 11kg, 10y/o giant defy endurance bike, which i want to upgrade in probably next year.

My aim is to get down another 3-5kg which should help.

thanks for your advice!

just make sure you’ve got one solid vo2max session in during the week and you’ll get stronger at those short duration efforts. Look to hit 20m of “work” per session and hit that longer vo2 stuff similar to the 8m climb.

Let us know how it goes!