Short Power vs General build

I am a new trainerroad user, but not new to structured training. I would consider myself a crit racer. I have a strong sprint and my strengths are short power bursts. I tend to struggle the longer the efforts go. I wanted to get the thoughts of others on short power and general build. I see a lot of similarities. I know short power is what is generally recommended for crits, but I wonder with my weakness in muscular endurance if I should go with general build to work on my threshold while still getting the sprint workouts on the weekend.

If muscular endurance is the issue, why not go even further and do Sustained Power Build? Train your weakness.

Do sprints / anaerobic work on Tuesday instead of the vo2 session, to keep you race sharp. Then use the Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday Sustained Power Build sessions to build your muscular endurance and ability to sustain longer efforts at or just above threshold.

How do you plan to race the crits? Are you a breakaway rider or bunch sprinter?

If you’re a breakaway rider, I’d definitely look at general build and as @martinheadon mentioned, possibly even the Sustained Build.

I went down the Short Power option as I typically bridge gaps but very rarely do I try and create the breakaway.

General Build is a nice blend of both. You can work your “limiter” (if it is a limiter instead of a weakness), while also setting you up nicely to race crits. I do the same with XCO racing and it has built my sustainability while still developing my punchy power.

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I’m a crit guy who went with sustained for two reasons: First I didn’t think the SS 1+2 were long enough compared to other base periods I’ve done in the past with my coach. Secondly, I wanted to be more of a breakaway guy instead of sitting in for the sprint and I do a lot of road races and marathon XC. I’m already an animator of the race, but felt my sustained power was lacking. Finished that. My sustained power felt better, but I got absolutely worked in the early season crits in CO. So instead of doing a specialty, I went into short power. I’m in week three of a short power/crit hybrid plan right now and starting to feel close to race shape.

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very good point that is a great reminder. appreciate the advice