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So, I’m almost at the end of SSB1mv and due to start SSB2mv. Im not too sure whether to go for short power build or sustained power build for the next phase. My season will start in April 2020. I’m 30yo 1.81m and 79kg with crit racing my main form of racing. I’ve actually only done one race before which I managed to stick with the group and not get dropped. Also, only recently just started to train with power. I’ll throw the odd sportif every now and then too. Here are my power numbers (they dont mean much to me as I’m a power noob).

1s | 1459w | 18.2w/kg

5s | 1149w | 14.4 w/kg

1m | 559w | 7w/kg

5m | 312w | 3.9w/kg

20m | 257w 3.2w/kg


If you can’t decide, go with General Build.

As a fairly new rider, that might be a good option anyway, unless you know you have a particular weakness you want to work on.


I wouldn’t worry much about the numbers, sounds like you’re pretty early into racing, probably cat 5?, and it’s the wild west out there. Just focus on getting fit and over time as you train and progress you’ll learn about what your strengths and weaknesses are and can focus on those down the road to match up with more focused racing goals.

All that said, the short power is the crit racing plan. Sustained power would be for long steady state efforts like century rides or TTs. If you find that you want to get better at these types of efforts, throwing some longer endurance / sweet spot rides in wouldn’t hurt, but the gains from the short power plan will probably suffice if you’re just going to out and enjoying the sportif’s. If your racing them, that’s a different story.

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Looks like your longer duration power has room for big gains. I would suggest Sustained Power build, perhaps with a 2:1 work to rest ratio. Then probably a month of sweetspot to consolidate those gains and then do the short power build block. Short term power responds quickly to training stimulus once you have a good foundation to build upon.

There is a training anecdote that basically says: everything works for 6 weeks. Meaning it’s good to change it up every 6-8 weeks and give new stimuli.

Early on in a structured training journey you’ll see most gains from just being consistent 3-4 days a week.

Good luck!!


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Yup cat 4 (same as 5, but I’m in the uk) is correct, I’m hoping to upgrade to cat 3 during next season as my first race went pretty well. Ah yes the wild West, I have definitely noticed some odd racing lines, cornering and lack of confidence in some riders in just the 1 race. Thanks for your thoughts, I think short power build is the most likely so far for me. And I do like the anaerobic stuff.

If haven’t started listening to the podcast, definitely check that out, lots of good info on crit racing strategy. Especially the one’s that feature pete. Also, the race analysis vids, they’re basically all crit analysis. Great for watching when doing your z2 snooze-fest workouts :wink:

Anaerobic stuff definitely keeps it interesting, usually by the build phase I can’t wait to get to some vo2 max workouts. Good luck on your training and race season!

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Just to update:

After SSSB2 I didnt get a bump. As its base training i wasnt too fussy.

During the festive period i didnt do a great deal. Just some z2 where I had the time.

Next I started plan builder and am 5 weeks into it with 30w gain.

Will keep this post updated for the future.

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