Training Setback - Advice needed

Purchased a year membership a month ago and went full out eating right and keeping on schedule with the plan that as set up me. I just completed week 3 of Base 1 and am loving it.

Now onto the issue. I was confirmed COVID positive yesterday so training is going to have to take a backseat because health comes first. I figure at a minimum i will be off 3 weeks maybe 4 depending on how i feel after its all over. Currently i feel like a minor cold.

My question is, Should i just start over or pick back up where i left off? I kind of thought just start over but wanted to get some other input.

Thanks for your time


If it were me I would just start over. You will be off as long as you’ve on the program and will likely need to re-do the ramp test anyways so I think just starting over makes the most sense.


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Gut instinct would say to reset entirely with that much time off.

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It takes energy to heal the body whether broken bones or viral insult. Start over but, man with the way this virus starts as a respiratory event and transitions to include a vascular component…take it easy with this. Lord knows what blood vessel insult could happen if you push it too soon. When/if I get symptoms I’m taking it really easy for months. Reading what pro cyclist to fellow co-workers are going through trying to recover from this thing is scary.


Start over. I had Covid a while back and immediately got an inner ear infection when that went away! Was off the bike from 4/21-5/4 then did a week of low intensity before beginning SSB HV1 again. I dropped off from an all time high of 3.75 w/kg to 3.3. I’m still not back to where I was… close @3.6. First couple weeks weren’t fun.

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Thanks for the feedback and link to the other post.

I consulted my Dr (which is a runner) and was told to do some low level 30 minute rides (went 50% ftp) and watch my heart rate. I did that for a week and then went to 75% FTP for 30 minutes yesterday also watching heart rates. It was a little higher but i think some of that was nervousness of riding so soon.

I re ramp tested today 2 1/2 weeks after testing positive and 3 days after testing negative (recovered) and only lost 1 watt so i’m pretty happy with that. My Dr is watching my progress with my TrainerRoad Analyse though. He is interested to see how it goes with the data i had before and from now for the next month or so. Maybe longer.

Thanks again


Any updates? Curious how it is after reading all the articles about long term effects and such

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Good morning.

Training is the norm and so is life in general (living that antibody life!).

My Dr or I can not see any side effects at all. To be honest. I have had Summer Colds that have effected me way worse. I know Covid is effecting people different but I have no issues after the fact. The illness itself and post have been a cake walk.

That was for myself and my wife.