Training plan with weekend rides

Please help me to build a training plan. I want to train 5 days a week: 4 days during workdays and one Saturday long ride, about 3-4 hours with mountain climbs for fun with friends. When I tried to build a plan with Mid Volume, it puts one interval training on Saturday, and one 1:30-2:30hours training on Sunday. I can move interval training to a weekday, but how to say Builder to set weekend training as 4hours endurance?

If I remember right when you build your plan you can set your standard activity days. FWIW my mid volume plan is set up with rest Mon, 3days of Intervals, rest Friday and Sat&Sun intervals which I either do or just substitute for outdoors rides.

Are you talking about doing a long ride in addition to a full MV plan? Or with the long ride replacing one of the MV workouts?

If it’s the former then just schedule the MV workouts to leave Saturday free, then manually add your 4 hour ride as a recurring Saturday session.

If it’s the latter then Builder won’t do it. You need to choose which MV workout you’re going to replace with your long ride, schedule that on Saturday, and then manually go through and delete all those Saturday rides and then manually add your Saturday ride as above.

Yes, I want to replace one of the planned workouts.

If you look at the weekly MV tips there is always an option to replace the Sunday ride with a longer z2 ride. So one option for you would be to schedule the Sunday ride on Saturday’s so you replace that with your long z2 ride. Then figure the other 4 days out as you’d like into your schedule.

I built my plan on low volume, TR on M-W-F. Then I have Saturday to play. You could add another Z2 ride into Tues or Thur if you want 5 days. I use Tues and Thur for strength training.

Try this:

  1. Schedule your workout days so the long endurance workout lands on Saturday. Then…
  2. Add all of your Saturday 4-5 hour outdoor rides as “C” events in Plan Builder.

PB will automatically “delete” the workout in favor or your “C” event, the outside endurance ride.